Who is Jim Cauthen?

Jim Cauthen's Profile

I am a photographer based out of Boise, Idaho. My unique style and personality shows up in my photos, as does the uniqueness of each of the people who work with me. I have been working with male models since 2009, and have made some amazing connections and friends over the years. I’ve been given the opportunity to travel across the United States and parts of Canada with my camera, expanding my reach, my knowledge, and my skill. I’ve had the opportunity to have my work displayed in one gallery, as well as a local business, and my work has also been on the cover of two novels as well.

Why should you work with me?

My goal to make you smile… laugh… have fun! Your personality shines best when you’re enjoying yourself. If time allows, I enjoy getting to meet you ahead of time to learn a little bit about you; breaking the ice as it’s called. After that, we spend some time together with the camera and capture the You that others may not get to see every day.

Your comfort is my goal. If you’re not comfortable, the images show it. I’ll never ask you to go past where you’re comfortable, and it’s your job to ensure I know where those limits are. My guidance for looks, poses, and other ideas is meant to be suggestions, not requirements.  If there’s a request you have during the shoot, feel free to ask about it – no subject is off limits – I’ve photographed it all!

Equipment I use

People ask a lot, “What do you shoot with”?  and I always respond with “I’m a Canon guy!”   The equipment doesn’t make the photographer; the artistic eye, knowledge, and vision make the photographer.  You can own the top of the line camera and equipment and be a shitty photographer; you can also only own a basic entry-level camera and kit lens and still take photographs that can rival even the best!  Never let brand and model envy make you think you can’t take great photos!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Am I required to reveal everything / have my penis photographed?
    • NO!  Your level participation in this project is entirely up to you.  We will talk about your level of engagement prior to working together.  While I do need a few subjects willing to “bare it all”, not everyone needs to.
  • What if I want to participate but I don’t want people to know I posed nude?
    • I will avoid photographing your face and/or identifiable tattoos/scars/body-features that would tie the physique to your identity.
  • I would like to pose nude, but I’m not endowed enough.
    • As men, we’re all gifted in different ways. This project isn’t about our size. It’s about how light works with our bodies and what I can do as a photographer to make the viewer want to see more of the series. Shots that do involve the penis or groin area will be tastefully lit to provide a stunning image regardless of size, shape, circumcision, piercings or any other manner of uniqueness.