Paul Wood

Paul Wood Paul found me in early 2016 through social media and started talking with me about his fitness journey that he had undertaken. He explained that he’d started his journey at 249 pounds and 26% bodyfat, and a waist size of 42. His drive to change his... read more

Matthias Vandevelde

Belgium boy in America rocking out his first ever photoshoot in Phoenix, Arizona with the traveling photographer Jim Cauthen!

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Isacc & Kevin

Isacc Guevara & Kevin Bunch asked me to help them out with a shoot to rep one of their sponsors, Yosisco Underwear. They brought their gear, as well as their own level of sexy for this fun shoot.

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Corbin Garner

Corbin Garner is hands-down my most photographed model, and an amazing friend. Over the years we’ve shot numerous times, and he’s had me along during his progression from the typical football player build, up through his fitness looks, up through his journey to to competing on stage, and much more. He’s been adventurous and open to every idea I’ve thrown at him. His support and friendship along these last 4 years have been amazing and irreplaceable. Love you Corbin!

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Sammy Jenkins

Sammy was a last minute shoot while I was visiting the Dallas area. We hadn’t talked about or planned the shoot ahead of time, it was a spur of the moment event that turned out amazing. His devilishly handsome looks, stunning physique, and ‘other’ attributes made for a great set. Just imagine what we could have made happen with a little bit of planning

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Colton is one of the leaner gentlemen that I’ve had the opportunity to work with. We’ve been talking about doing a shoot for over a year now, but only recently finally had the chance to make it happen. He’s not the overly muscled, or the typical “Fitness Model” look that everyone usually associates with my style, but the shots speak for themselves.

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JD Sanders 2

I had the opportunity to work with JD Sanders, my tattooed fitness enthusiast friend, again this year. We had toyed with the idea of a second shoot to show off his progress, his gained confidence, and the changes in his life that he had made between our shoots.

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Austin Knebel

Austin Knebel What happens when the weather clears and an impromptu photoshoot happens? AMAZINGNESS!! Props to Austin for giving me the freedom and opportunity to rock this great shoot! The images in this section are depicted as fine art photography of the male form.... read more

Willie Cowan

Willie Cowan Cras mattis consectetur purus sit amet fermentum. Donec id elit non mi porta gravida at eget metus. Aenean lacinia bibendum nulla sed consectetur. Maecenas sed diam eget risus varius blandit sit amet non magna maecenas sed diam. Cras mattis consectetur... read more

Calix Quan

Calix Quan I’ve been talking with Calix for a while now, and we started toying with the idea of a photo-shoot during one of my upcoming trips to Phoenix, AZ.  I’ve watched his body change from the day I started talking with him back in December 2014, up to... read more

Erin Waller

Erin Waller Erin Waller came to me to help her with photos for her beauty pageants, even though she knew I hadn’t worked with many women in the past.  We spent the day together representing the city of Meridian, and the state of Idaho. She was also able to land... read more

Cameren Hencley

Cameren Hencley I’ve been wanting to work with Cameren Hencley for a while now. Luckily the 2015 NPC Idaho Cup rolled around and he was shoot-ready.  We made this great shoot happen just hours after he stepped off... read more

Jarett Frei

Jarett Frei Jarett Frei helped me explore more of the artistic side of the male physique using my studio strobes. The black background and deep shadows help draw the eye to the form of the subject without getting lost in its environment. The nudity and eroticism... read more

Brodie Shick

Brodie Shick This is the second shoot that my fraternity brother, and good friend, Brodie Shick gave me the opportunity to do.  He just finished preparing for a fitness competition and is excited to document his... read more

JD Sanders

JD Sanders I started talking with JD Sanders in early March about a potential shoot during my yearly visit to the Phoenix area. He was excited and nervous – aparently no one had seen the potential he might have in front of the camera.. I had to change that!  As... read more

Derek Bedry

Derek Bedry I was lucky enough to meet this amazingly handsome man, named Derek Bedry. He’s a man of many talents; A Marketing copywriter, coach at Raincity Athletics, Social Media Coordinator, journalist and occasional fitness model. Not only is he amazingly... read more

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