Corbin Garner

Corbin Garner is hands-down my most photographed model, and an amazing friend. Over the years we’ve shot numerous times, and he’s had me along during his progression from the typical football player build, up through his fitness looks, up through his journey to to competing on stage, and much more. He’s been adventurous and open to every idea I’ve thrown at him. His support and friendship along these last 4 years have been amazing and irreplaceable. Love you Corbin!

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JD Sanders 2

I had the opportunity to work with JD Sanders, my tattooed fitness enthusiast friend, again this year. We had toyed with the idea of a second shoot to show off his progress, his gained confidence, and the changes in his life that he had made between our shoots.

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Willie Cowan

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Cameren Hencley

Cameren Hencley I've been wanting to work with Cameren Hencley for a while now. Luckily the 2015 NPC Idaho Cup rolled around and he was shoot-ready.  We made this great shoot happen just hours after he stepped off...

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Brodie Shick

Brodie Shick This is the second shoot that my fraternity brother, and good friend, Brodie Shick gave me the opportunity to do.  He just finished preparing for a fitness competition and is excited to document his progress.

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Carley Sisneros

Carley Sisneros Carley Sisneros is a female fitness model based out of Boise, Idaho. She gave the the opportunity to do an on-location shoot at a local gym along with her faienc.

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Meeting one of the greats!

I recently had the amazing opportunity to meet an amazing photographer and a good friend during my trip to the 2013 Mr. Olympia event down in Las Vegas. Golden Czermak (aka FuriousFotog) is a fellow fitness photographer based out of Alabama, and he gave me the...

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