Sammy Jenkins

Sammy was a last minute shoot while I was visiting the Dallas area. We hadn’t talked about or planned the shoot ahead of time, it was a spur of the moment event that turned out amazing. His devilishly handsome looks, stunning physique, and ‘other’ attributes made for a great set. Just imagine what we could have made happen with a little bit of planning

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Erin Waller

Erin Waller Erin Waller came to me to help her with photos for her beauty pageants, even though she knew I hadn't worked with many women in the past.  We spent the day together representing the city of Meridian, and the state of Idaho. She was also able to land a...

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Megan in Nevada

Megan In Nevada It's amazing the scenery the deserts surrounding Las Vegas hold when you're not distracted by the glitz and glam of the strip. A few of us made the trek outside of town to the Nelson Ghost town. Here are a few shots of my friend Megan looking nothing...

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Keaton It's geting warmer, and the sun is out a lot more compared to the months prior. People are basking in the sun, playing in the water, and doing everything possible to be outdoors. My friend Keaton offered to help me with a small project which I had asked for a...

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