These current ongoing projects are a work-in-progress. Images will eventually be released in various formats to the general public, to include (but not limited to) digital, print, and other mixed media. Model releases will be signed for all shoots.

These are mostly un-paid projects – compensation will be a separate 1-hour studio shoot of your choice.


As a photographer, and gay man, I have always found myself drawn to the work of artists such as Bruce Weber and Howard Roffman, whose somewhat-staged yet candid-feeling images of the male form evoke a heightened sense of sexuality and youthful beauty. Similar to Weber and Roffman, imagery from companies like Abercrombie & Fitch and Hollister have also aided in the development of my artistic style. Both of these photographers and companies strategically use a variety of settings, lighting, locations and scenarios that excite our interest, and ultimately sell products. In today’s business world, more today than ever, sex sells.

Shooting with medium format black-and-white film on a Hasselblad camera allows me to create scenes in a manner that captures my subjects in the best possible light, as well as to achieve the desired aesthetic look and feel that emulates my favorite art and fashion photographers. Digitally scanning, then printing the images via an archival pigment process, enables me to present my ideas on a larger scale while maintaining the classic, nostalgic “film look” I desire. The result is finely crafted, yet timeless imagery that is as raw and organic as the subjects they represent.

In this series my creative vision of the male form presents the viewer with glimpses of the day-to-day musings of the typical college-aged male. These captured scenes invite the viewer to be a part of a moment of amusement – a moment of surprise – a moment of bliss. As in the advertising campaigns of Abercrombie & Fitch and Hollister, I strive to choose scenarios and levels of undress that reveal the sensuality of my subjects; but my approach is subtler – more personal. My subjects engage the viewer with a playful confidence, and acknowledge the viewer’s gaze. Unlike these advertising campaigns, my intent is not to sell a product, but to lightly touch on the notions of youth and nostalgia, taking the viewer back to his or her younger, more carefree days; letting them walk away with fond memories of the past, and a smile for the present.


  • Male Models ranging in age from 18-30.
  • Fitness is not a requirement, but aesthetics is.
    • You need to have a young yet masculine look.
    • A playful demeanor , and a comfort in front of the camera.
    • Comfortable in your own skin – Shirtless in Shorts & Underwear are required.
  • Implied & full nudity is not required, but requested for some specific looks (but not all).
  • Models will be photographed as single individuals in different scenes
    • Indoors, outdoors, rural
  • Body-hair is acceptable (and encouraged)

For more examples or ideas, feel free to browse through my Pintrest collection based on this project by clicking here.  (some NSFW images)


This project is not intended for DIGITAL release until time that the book is published. With that caveat, the images from these shoots will not be released to the model or models agency until time that the book is published.

As payment I am offering a one-hour digital shoot of your choice; Portfolio building, head shots, personal, or anywhere in-between.

For this project I plan on exploring the ideas of denial when it comes to viewing an image. Using the male form (in select parts close up, or in its entirety) I will give the viewer/audience a beautiful image while holding something back… subtly (and sometimes not-so) denying them something within the image. I will be working primarily with studio lighting to selectively emphasize and highlight the male form, while hiding certain aspects of the form at the same time. I will also use different framing and cropping techniques to aid in this process.

The forms displayed will include, but are not limited to mostly clothed, exposed clothed, semi-nude, nude, and erotic nudes of the following:

  • closeups
  • 3/4 body
  • Full body

I believe that by denying some of the titillating parts of the male form, the viewer can still enjoy the image… Possibly even enjoying it more than if the entire image were provided leaving nothing to the imagination.

While you will be nude in studio or on location, the decision of what will be shown and not shown in the final images will be up to the photographer and the needs of the project. Hints, bits and pieces, majority of form will all vary in the final results. Your anatomy or props may be used to cover/hide certain aspects of the form, as well as digital modification in post-production.


  • Male Models willing to pose nude/semi-nude, and potentially erotic.
  • Ages 18-35
  • The focus will be more on the guy next door; aesthetics are key.
    • Body-hair is acceptable (and encouraged)
    • Muscled form isn’t needed, but a fit/active look does work wonders with light and my personal stylistic vision.

These images will be seen by collectors of the male form as physically printed photos in book form, as well as limited edition fine art prints. Some of the images will be used as marketing in both print and digital form (to include, but not limited to, my web page, Instagram, and Facebook.

The book will be physical copy as well as the potential for a digital version. Due to the wider range of audience, identities (faces and highly identifiable body features) will be held private and not released upon request.

One shoot of your choice with up to 5 final digital images. Or $75 per session you give me.

Your privacy and comfort are my goals.  Names will not be attached publicly to the images, and the majority of the images faces will not be visible. A model release will be signed to add another layer of protection.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Am I required to reveal everything / have my penis photographed? 
    • NO!  Your level participation in this project is entirely up to you.  We will talk about your level of engagement prior to working together.  Even if you do chose to do semi/implied nude, you will still be nude in front of the photographer. While I do need the majority of subjects willing to “bare it all” for the camera, not everyone needs to.
  • What if I want to participate but I don’t want people to know I posed nude? 
    • I will avoid photographing your face and/or identifiable tattoos/scars/body-features that would tie the physique to your identity.
  • What happens if I get an erection during the photo-shoot on accident? 
    • If it’s unintended and you’re not up for photographing in that state, we will take a break and have you wrap up in a towel. Nerves can do funny things to our bodies, so don’t even worry about it.
  • I would like to pose nude, but I’m not endowed enough. 
    • As men, we’re all gifted in different ways. This project isn’t about our size. It’s about how light works with our bodies and what I can do as a photographer to make the viewer want to see more of the series. Shots that do involve the penis or groin area will be tastefully lit to provide a stunning image regardless of size, shape, circumcision, piercings or any other manner of uniqueness.
    • If you are worried about size, a gentle tug or squeeze is acceptable to enhance the appearance as needed, at the discretion of the model. If this is something you are worried about, just bring it up in conversation and we’ll discuss it. During the shoot I can suggest when to pump up a little bit if you’re comfortable with it.
  • What does “Erotic” entail? 
    • Erotic in this term is the state of arousal of the penis. While nude can be fully soft up to a gentle fluffed/tugged size, erotic leans more towards full erection and the ideas of self-touch.
    • Sexual acts not intended or required. Photos of the act of getting/maintaining an erection will not be taken unless requested.


Fallen is an idea I’ve been playing with in my head for a while. In life we connect with others on a daily basis, sometimes as a passing addition to our life, other times a deep meaningful connection… sometimes these connections can be made over months and years, other times simple moments can change the course of a lifetime.

Fallen is intended to focus on the ideas that surround the idea of that fleeting moment… that connection.. that spark that once found cannot be replaced or replicated.  The moment we fall for someone.. the men we love.

This project will be more in-depth than others – i’ll be asking for much more time from you compared to other shoots and projects. The project may revolve around a single person, or a series of people; depending on the people I find for the job.

Are you ready to fall?

Which project are you thinking of?

Send me a quick email letting me know what project you think you’ll work for. In your email, let me know details of what interests you about the project, how you can contribute, and what your limits/boundaries are. I will get back to you within 1 business day.

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