It’s geting warmer, and the sun is out a lot more compared to the months prior. People are basking in the sun, playing in the water, and doing everything possible to be outdoors. My friend Keaton offered to help me with a small project which I had asked for a hand on, and we managed to get some nice shots out and about town. We walked probably 6 miles that day, survived the rain and wind, and even avoided getting devoured by two decently large garden snakes.

The urban photo hike was more fun than I’d expected, and hopefully I’ll manage one again soon; maybe I’ll make it a Friday ritual. I’m sure one or two of my friends would be willing to survive my relentless snapping of photos while out and about. Until then, we’ll see what develops!

Enjoy the sun, and don’t leave the camera behind.

p.s. On a parting note, if anyone has any questions or suggestions for what they want me to shoot, drop me a comment!